The Czech West Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CWACCI) was established in order to provide better relationships between Central Europe and West Africa on a business, cultural and private level. The CWACCI wants to help you broaden your knowledge about possible common partnerships. We are a non-profit organisation and rely specifically on grants and partially on common business contributions.

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The Chamber is proudly cooperating with several national authorities and public entities of both European and African countries and also with private companies in order to accomplish our mission and objectives. Our partnership is based on a deep knowledge of local markets, business environments and finally on personal contacts throughout different institutes and companies – this is our contribution to you and your needs.

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Our highest priority is to provide you with a wide portfolio of opportunities. We are currently making an effort to prepare and update our database of opportunities, which will soon be at your disposal.

We will gladly address any of your inquires – simply describe your inquiry in several sentences via our form and we will make an effort to be of service to you.

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Our team comprises on managers and professionals coming from both the Czech Rebublic and African countries.

We are preparing several common meetings on national, cultural and business levels for representatives of West Africa and the Czech Republic in March / April of 2015 year. In this section we will inform you about all skills and experiences earned during these meetings and similar ones.

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Latest News


VP_Tiote Vicepresident on a trip to Africa 
Mr. Shabba S. TIOTE, our Vicepresident  had flew to Africa, Abidjan, on Friday, May 19. The meeting with the Chamber of Commerce of Libanon, is on his plan. More details

Welcome to CWACCI

CWACCI will help you connect with successful and influential people. Members experience the power of a network that your business needs to thrive. Our members provide the CWACCI with credibility and strength as a strong association between West Africa and the Czech Republic is being developed.

The objectives of CWACCI are to promote and expand relations between West Africa and the Czech Republic, more particularly:

– to coordinate, develop and facilitate commercial, industrial and financial relations by identifying on a reciprocal basis their economic potential;
– to improve and extend opportunities for industrial and technical co-operation, in close collaboration with private and public sector organizations with similar objectives;
– to encourage the transfer of technology, professional training and the creation of joint ventures in industry and agriculture;
– to provide information and qualified advice, at the request of the members;
– to supply information with the help of competent authorities on touristic, cultural, scientific and artistic possibilities in West Africa and the Czech Republic.

CWACCI is a non-government organization and has a financial foundation in voluntary subscriptions and fees from professional business services. Every cent the Chamber raises is put back into our community to provide even better services and wider representations throughout West Africa and Czech Republic.

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